We must arm ourselves with Faith, Prayer and a good knowledge of how the enemy works so that by the grace of God we may be triumphant in our quest to spend eternity with God!!

Full Scouting Report on the Devil

                Any great coach knows that before you engage an opponent, you need to know your opponent.  Bill will take you through the complete scouting report on the devil.  He will help you to understand who he is and what he want to do to us.  Bill will go through the offenses that he uses to trap us and to cause us failure.  We will then look at how we can defend and defeat the works of the devil in our lives.  To win, you must know thy enemy. 

How to compete as a Catholic Athlete

                Athletics are a fun and vital part of many young people’s lives and development.  Athletics can help young people develop important character traits that lead them to success both in life, but more importantly, in their faith.  Athletics can also be one of the most powerful evangelization tools we have.  In this talk, Bill will take you through the traits of a Catholic Athlete and show how living our faith will lead to more success on and off the field. 

Christ-like Toughness—Formula to Sainthood

                Being a Christian is tough.  Living out our faith is tough.  For us to preserve as Faithful Christians, we also need to be tough.  We are blessed to have the perfect role model for us in Jesus.  Bill will take you through Jesus’s life and show you the characteristics that made Jesus the toughest man to ever walk the earth.  We will talk about how to grow and develop these traits and how to use them to lead others to Christ and Spend Eternity in Heaven. 

Authentic Christ-like Manhood

                Our Society has messed up what it means to be a man.  This talk focuses on the traits that all young men need to develop to be good Catholic Husbands, Fathers, and Priests.  We will focus on using some of the great saints as our role models and how to recognize the devil’s tricks and lies.  This is a talk that young men and parents of young men need to hear to help their child grow in Authentic Christ-like Manhood.

The true meaning of life

                We need a goal to be successful, and for us, as Christians, we need to make sure our goal is getting to heaven.  The world and the devil promote many other goals that distract us and lead us down a path that leads away from God.  This talk will focus on setting our Goal and then setting up a plan to ensure all our decisions match our goal.  We will also talk about some of the distractions and goals that are out there and show how each one will not lead to happiness.  True happiness is following God and spending eternity with Him in Heaven.

Christian Parents—How to help your child enjoy their athletic experience

                Athletics for most of us are going to play a big role in our development and our childhood.  As parents we want that experience to be a healthy and enjoyable experience.  There is much confusion and chaos in the athletic world as to what best helps your child.  Bill is going to cut through the muck and the mess and help you to give you child a quality athletic experience.  Bill brings perspective as a player, coach, official, athletic director, and athletic administrator.  You will leave this talk with some great tools that you can use today to help make athletics more enjoyable for your child.               

Parents—How to help your child keep his faith

                One of the things I am asked most by parents in my roles as theology teacher and director of campus ministry at a Catholic High School is how to I keep my child in the faith as they leave our house and go into the real world?  Their concern is very valid as we see many young people fall away from their faith every day.  I will go through with you many different ideas and things that you can do to help your child leave your house with a strong faith and a well-formed conscience.  Be optimistic, we see are seeing many strong Catholics leave their house and change the world.  We need your child to be one of those.  Join us as we talk about how to make this happen.

Parents—How to help your child be “successful” in this life and the next

                Success is something that we all want for our children. The truth is as parents we can either give them the necessary tools or we can under prepare them to face the challenges ahead.  In this talk, we will focus on what tools young people needs these days to be not only successful here on Earth but also successful in their spiritual life.  There are a few quick things that each of us can do to help our young people be better prepared to find success in a very tough and brutal world.

Why being a person of stewardship is a gift to us

                Stewardship is a very misunderstood topic for most people.  Most get into giving thinking that they are doing God a favor and find out that stewardship changed their entire life.  Stewardship and a stewardship attitude is an incredible gift to us.  The fruits of stewardship are a sense of gratitude, complete trust in God, and peace in our lives.  Join me as we look at how stewardship changes our lives and why you would be crazy not to embrace the message and gift God has given us.

Formula to hear the voice of God in our lives

                The number one question I get asked by not only my students but also many lifelong faithful Catholics is “how do I hear the voice of God.”  They deeply desire to hear his voice in their lives.  In this talk, we will focus on how in our lives we hear the voice of God and how to develop a good prayer life.  We will give you lots of different types of prayers and give you some tips on how to incorporate these prayers into your life.  Join us as we all together work on our prayer life.

Christ-like Leadership

                We live in a time where we lack leadership.  We see this on sports teams, in governments, in our parishes, and even in our families.  The greatest leader that the world has ever seen or known is Jesus Christ.  In this talk we will go through the way Jesus led and what characteristics we see that made him an effective leader.  The world has clouded, distorted, and messed up leadership and in this talk, we will focus on getting past that message and into Christ-like Leadership.  The world and our Church desperately need you to be the leader you are called to be.  Join us as we look into how to be an effective leader and a world changer.

Seven gifts of the Holy Spirit

                This talk is mostly focused on the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit.  We will talk about what each gift is and how we use each gift in our lives.  We will also talk about how to grow and develop these gifts and all them to guide us in our lives.  Discover the great gifts that God has given us on our journey towards Heaven.


                This talk will cover all aspects of confirmation.  What it is, why we have been given this sacrament, and how this sacrament will impact our lives.  We will start this talk in the Bible and finish the talk looking at the Confirmation Mass.  This talk is great for those preparing for confirmation as well as people already confirmed.  You will be challenged to live out your faith better and to be better evangelists. 

7 Deadly Sin/7 Heavenly Virtues

                The seven deadly sins talk is an in-depth look at sin in our world and how Satan used modern things to tempt and distract us from God.  We will go through each sin and show how in our modern world this sin manifests itself.  We will also go through the virtues that are opposite of each sin and learn how to grow in those virtues.  Know thy enemy and his strategies so that you can better make sure in your life not to fall prey to his plans.  

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